Filters improve your indoor air quality ….and they do it inexpensively!

Your first to improve your indoor air quality today step is quick, inexpensive, and will provide immediate results. Replace your current air conditioning filter with a higher efficiency filter!

 If you hold your current air filter up to the light….and can see through it…..then particles are going to go straight through it too!  When you hold your new higher efficiency air filter up to the light, you should NOT be able to see through it. 

Simply put, a higher efficiency air filter will remove more of the smaller airborne particles that can get into our lungs to aggravate us, from the indoor air providing you with cleaner air to breathe.

Although a new air filter will not clean existing dirty ducts, it is a good start in filtering the air circulating through your home.  It will start to reduce airborne contaminants and dust each time the air conditioning is running, providing you with a cleaner air flow.  Once your equipment has been professionally cleaned, your new filter will help keep your air conditioning equipment clean which will also help with your energy bill.

It’s important to note that all air conditioning filters must FIRST properly fit your air conditioning unit. If not properly fitted and installed, air always takes the path of least resistance which means that some of your air will NOT go through the filter and you will not see a reduction in your airborne particles. 

Most air conditioning equipment should have the capacity to handle the additional air restriction which will occur when you use a higher efficiency filter.  Do not use cheesecloth or other very restrictive methods to try to control dust within the air conditioning system as this can damage the equipment.

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1 thought on “Filters improve your indoor air quality ….and they do it inexpensively!

  1. Air duct cleaning is very important for healthy lifestyle. Dust, allergens as well as waste can be found in air ducts though the help of higher efficiency filters.thank you

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